• Assorted bagels
  • Coffee maker pouring coffee
  • Outdoor seating area

Eat. Drink. Enjoy.

The Story

1982 - Greg Odachowski is born in Westfield, NJ. His love of bagels is developed and nourished by his loving parents and frequent trips to The Bagel Chateau.
1998 - Greg moves to Charleston, SC, a biscuit town, and begins dreaming of opening his own bagel shop.
2016 - Greg begins developing his own bagel recipe and honing his bagel rolling skills.
2017 - Holey City Bagels opens at the Charleston Farmers Market at Marion Square.
2020 - Noticing the insane bagel demand in Charleston, Greg quits his job as a social studies teacher and opens up an Airstream bagel food truck.
2022 - Greg, his wife Bridget (Chatham, NJ native) and his father Gary (Buffalo, NY native, Go Bills) open the glorious downtown bagel oasis that is Holey City Bagels at 43 Cannon St and all is right in the (bagel) world.